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anejo tequila aged

Be one of the first to have the newest nano technology that rapidly replicates the ageing process of wine and liquors in ONLY 5 MINUTES and enhances the flavors and textures without ever touching the liquid!


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What People Are Saying

I was visiting Puerto Vallarta and was invited to this cool local party when I was shown the Elixir Fixer, absolutely incredible! I could not believe the change in the flavor, now my cheap tequila tastes like Don Julio Silver! I was amazed to watch the demonstration and how fast it changed the flavor profile. I love tequila and really love the agave flavor and the Elixir Fixer takes a $10 dollar bottle and turns it into a $50 or $100 bottle of good tequila. We also tested an añejo rum and tequila and both had incredible flavor profile differences. I was the 3rd person to buy one and I love my Elixir Fixer. I have already done more than 25 bottles with mine and people are amazed when I show it.


K. Palmer

My amigo came over with 2 bottles of wine that he wanted us to try a taste test. Each of the bottles had the labels covered and we tasted the first one and hated it and then we tasted the second one and wow the flavor bouquet and aroma was amazing! I fully expected the second bottle to be a $100 bottle of wine when in fact it cost less than $10 USD, WOW! It was hard to believe that they were the same exact bottles of wine except the second one was charged with the "elixir fixer". I tried it with others and was completely blown away. I totally recommend the elixir fixer and I am on the list before X-Mas delivery and cannot wait because we love good wine! 


B. Slater
Los Angeles